“Thomas Blackshear has always been an inspiration and joy to behold.”


Now Thomas teaches his secrets for you!

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THOMAS BLACKSHEAR is a master artist and illustrator who is known for his brilliant illustration work, captivating sculptures, wildly-popular figurines, and unbelieveable fine art paintings. Now, Thomas brings his talent in front of the camera to teach you! In these volumes, Thomas Blackshear paints complete works inspired by the art of master illustrators David Grove and Bernie Fuchs. These styles are very rarely taught today, so these presentations are a treasure. These beautiful demonstrations show gouache and acrylic (vol. 1), and oil (vol. 2) techniques that can be incorporated by modern artists into their own individual styles to reach all new levels of creative expression. We are proud to present this historic series of instructional videos. Watch for other titles on the way!

Inspired by the Works of David Grove,

Volume One explores a gouache lift-off technique

Approx. 50 minutes

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Inspired by the works of Bernie Fuchs,

Volume Two explores an oil rub-out technique

Approx. 50 minutes

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The long-awaited book featuring the stunning work of Thomas Blackshear is finally in production! Anticipated to feature over 250 pages of amazing artwork, sketches and photos. Sign up below to be included on the book's waiting list!


"I am sorry to say that I never knew or spoke to or met these wonderful artists [featured in Thomas’ series].  

As a consequence, I cannot speak directly about them or their technique. That is not to say that I have not always admired their work,

techniques and vision. I have. Their work is inspiring. We are well-blessed to live in this age that allows such a creative series to be made.  

It will remain alive and available to all creatives.  

The Thomas Blackshear Illustration Masters Course allows others to learn from and be inspired by these artists for the ages.  

I have often lamented that the insights and techniques of these masters of the past, their thoughts and spirits have been lost with the

exception of their works. These finished pieces of art are wonderful gifts. Artists can now leave behind not only our art but also our words, thoughts,

spirits, how to, and feelings of love for others to enjoy. Hopefully, these things inspire, teach and live for all time.

I am grateful to have met and spoken with Thomas Blackshear. He has always been an inspiration and joy to behold.  

My eyes were opened, somewhat, with the wisdom shared in these videos and the best I can offer you today is to recommend them to you

for they will open your eyes and your opportunity to become the best you can be."  


Legendary Master Poster Artist


“I can't recommend these videos enough for anyone wishing to increase their skills as a painter.

I wish I had these videos when I was at art school!!!"


Director- Muppets Wizard of Oz, Writer- Muppets Treasure Island


“This video rocks . . . Thank you for bringing this amazing artist/teacher to help artists everywhere.”